Photo credit: Sister Florence Maier, SNDdeN

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur received a certificate for successfully designating a Saint Kateri Habitat for people, plants, and wildlife. The garden of Mount Notre Dame Ohio Province office is registered in the Saint Kateri Conservation Center’s Community of Catholic Habitats for people and wildlife, to limit climate change, conserve biodiversity, and to restore our relationships with God, each other, and Nature. Thanks to the Kateri Community at Mount Notre Dame for working on this certification, and for taking care of the people, wildlife, and nature surrounding the Province's Office.

St. Kateri Conservation Center

  • Encourages us to restore our environment close to home in ways that praise God and foster a greater connection between God, people, and nature.
  • Promotes the development of sacred spaces for us to engage directly in the care of God’s creation at home and in our communities.

Creating a Healthy Habitat

  • In Laudato Si, Pope Francis issued an urgent challenge and points to an integral ecology that sees the interconnectedness of social, environmental/natural, and spiritual concerns.
  • Anyone can transform a yard, garden, school, farm, or parish into a Saint Kateri Habitat.
  • Before we can care for our global common home, we must first love, value and nurture our own corners of creation (Bill Patenaude)