Update from the Office of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation, May 17, 2023

Update from the Office of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation, May 17, 2023


Sharing two petitions from Franciscan Action Network today:
For all those who feel unheard, may they find people willing to listen and stand in solidarity with them, we pray…
May our faith in the risen Christ deepen and become the strength on which we are able to act in the world around us, we pray…

Advocacy and Action

Update! Last week we were asked to contact our representatives regarding H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act of 2023. Unsurprisingly, this passed in the House. We now have very disturbing news from OHIO’s Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown who has just signed on as a co-sponsor of S-1473, a Senate immigration bill.

This bill requires DHS to detain and expel families and unaccompanied children crossing the border between ports or arriving to present themselves at ports without prior status or approval. The bill would almost certainly lead to the separation of children from their parents in the massive detention complexes that would need to be built at the border. It will eviscerate the asylum system as it creates a new detention and expulsion system to replace asylum. The bill envisions expulsions primarily to Mexico, without any indication that Mexico is participating in the endeavor. It will worsen the situation on the Mexico side of the border.

You can read the letter NETWORK has sent about this bill here.

There is also more information at Politico here.

Please call Senator Brown’s office THIS WEEK at 202-224-2315. You will need to press ‘3’ (NOT 1) to leave a message. If you choose option 1, the box is full and it will simply hang up. Sen Brown has always expressed his commitment to a humane immigration system. He is facing a tough election coming up, and I imagine that is the reason. This bill will harm so many vulnerable people. Please give him a call and express your concerns.


Join in the fight against environmental racism. The Black Appalachian Coalition will host a summer lunch & learn series on the impacts of petrochemical development on Black communities in Appalachia. Petrochemicals—oil and gas-based chemicals used to make plastics and pesticides—are harmful to human health and the environment. The process of making petrochemicals creates dangerous air and water pollution resulting in a higher risk of cancer and other issues for those who live near. Unsurprisingly, these facilities tend to be located in Black communities and poor communities because of decades of racial discrimination in housing and financial services (red-lining).

To find more details and to register, you can click here.

Make sure to click all the dates you can attend. Each is a different topic. Times noted are EST.

Overview | Thursday, May 25 @12PM
The sources and uses of petrochemicals, the history of the petrochemicals industry, and lost opportunities and costs.

Health Harms | Thursday, June 22 @12PM
Air, water, and land pollution and its direct and indirect effects on human health. What We Can Control | Thursday, July 27 @12PM

How to avoid unhealthy petrochemical exposures, including labeling and food choices. Better Choices | Thursday, August 24 @12PM

Building a fossil-free future: developing renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, recycling, and sustainable design. Action Plan | Thursday, September 28 @12PM

Policy changes, community choices, and personal choices.

This opportunity is brought to us by our affiliation with Beyond Plastics.