Update from the Office of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation, April 12, 2023

We commit ourselves to act for justice


Pope Francis’ April Intention is for a nonviolent culture - Let us pray for a more widespread culture of nonviolence, that will progress when countries and citizens alike resort less and less to the use of arms. You can watch his prayer video here.

Advocacy and Action

Beyond Plastics is asking each of us to sign on to a letter addressed to NPR (National Public Radio). NPR is currently taking advertising money from the Association of Plastic Recyclers. This name is misleading. These are companies that engage in so-called Chemical Recycling – which is just burning plastic. Chemical Recycling releases toxins and requires the burning of fossil fuels to get the job done.

Also, on the topic of plastics, several proposed exemptions to the Clean Air Act could allow chemical recyclers to skirt environmental protections. We need to pressure lawmakers and urge them to oppose these exemptions. Could you take a few minutes this week to send a few emails? The National Resources Defense Council has created Google form which contains a link to an email template and a list of the congresspeople in your state that need a message. Please join this advocacy effort.

Ohio Senate Bill 101 to repeal Ohio’s death penalty has been filed! A press conference was held. This bill boasts strong bipartisan support with all seven Senate Democrats and five Senate Republicans cosponsoring. You can support repeal now to thank all of the bill co-sponsors. It’s important for them to know how many of us are standing with them.


A recording of the “Green Sisters Panel” in which Sister of Mercy Nancy Audette, Sister of Charity of New York, and Sister of St. Joseph of Peace Mindy McDonald share their journeys and the journeys of their Congregations into ecological consciousness, is available.