Update from the Office of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation, February 15, 2023

Update from the Office of Justice, Peace and Care for Creation, February 15, 2023


Keeping in mind yet another mass shooting, this time on the campus of Michigan State University, can we pray for those among us who are so angry and afraid that they see mass violence as an outlet for their emotions? Usually, I pray for the victims, sensible gun laws, and more mental health care in our country. I often struggle to pray for the individual who is so lost, they see this as a viable option.

Advocacy and Action

  • Ohio friends, on Feb. 8, the Cincinnati City Council signed into law two ordinances for gun safety; one requiring secure firearm storage and the other banning those convicted of domestic abuse from owning or possessing a firearm. It’s a big win and sets the stage for other local ordinances. Cincinnati Mayor Pureval announced the measures and Council passed them with a unanimous and bipartisan vote.
    There will be an advocacy day at the State House in Columbus on March 22 to advocate for sensible gun legislation state-wide. You can RSVP to take part. Mom’s Demand Action Cincinnati is trying to arrange a bus to take people to Columbus that day. If you’d like to make the trip, let me know!
  • Last week I posted about Kevin Keith and led you all astray… well, misinformed you at the very least. Thankfully, Mr. Keith’s death sentence was commuted by Gov. Strickland. However, he still has valid claims of innocence and is in jail for a crime he did not commit. Our request to Gov. Dewine is for clemency and to give him his freedom. If you haven’t called Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, please consider it. Please make a quick, POLITE, and supportive phone call to Governor DeWine today at 614-644-4357. If it is busy or you get a voicemail that is full, try again later.
    The message:
    "I live in [City in Ohio] and I am calling to ask you to let Governor DeWine know that he has my support to grant clemency to Kevin Keith and free him today. Please share this message with him."
  • Were you able to contact JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America last week? If not, you still have time to tell them to pull financing from the two Texas Liquified Natural Gas plants. These plants will impact impoverished communities and trample the rights of indigenous communities, not to mention create huge greenhouse gas methane plumes. Click here for the Rainforest Action Networks email tool. Please personalize your email or the computer logarithm will simply put it into an electronic file with identical emails. Next, send a message to the Biden Administration asking to finalize the plans to limit methane production in the US.


  • This Black History month the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center is celebrating women of the Civil Rights Movement. Each week this month they will highlight the work of an important Black woman activist. We are encouraged to share something we learn with a family member or friend. This week, meet: Dorothy Height.
  • The Laudato Si’ Movement's 1st Global Encounter is this Saturday, February 18 at 3:00 EST on Zoom. You will hear inspiring stories from everyday climate activists in Colombia, Argentina, Vietnam, the United States, Hungary, and Tanzania. Analisa Ramsahai from the LSM Trinidad and Tobago chapter will share information about the global encounter in Assisi on Pentecost 2025. No need to register, simply click the Zoom link above when the time comes.
  • This looks interesting… The Columbus Metro Library will host this exhibit from March 6 thru April 14. Interested parties could have a field trip! “Fifteen libraries across the country have been selected to host World on the Move: 250,000 Years of Human Migration, a traveling exhibition developed by the American Anthropological Association and the Smithsonian’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. The exhibit aims to help people appreciate migration histories — their own and those of others — by drawing on a wealth of case studies from across human history and the breadth of cultures.”