Update from the Justice, Peace and Care for Creation, November 3, 2022

Update from the Justice, Peace and Care for Creation, November 3, 2022

Sister Carol Wetli, SNDdeN with Live The Good volunteers at Imago Earth Center, Cincinnati, OH

Cultivating Gratitude

The month of November always seems to focus on two things: pumpkin spice everything and being thankful. In the last several years, I find the attitude of gratitude to be difficult to attain. Vitriolic politics, environmental degradation, racism, and the many other social issues we face, can overwhelm us all. As wars continue and inflation rises, each of us struggles a bit more each day. How can we practice gratitude in the midst of so much uncertainty?

It is easy to get lost in the mire of the goings-on in our world. For me, I find that connection with others is a vital part of the puzzle. I am grateful for the connection with those who are working toward the same goal as I.

Last month, I was blessed to connect with the other members of the SNDdeN Anti-Racism Team who work on addressing the racism in our words and actions of our Notre Dame community. I am grateful for the Ohio Province SIster Dorothy Stang Initiative committees with whom I work on environmental sustainability issues.

The many connections we make daily can help us find that attitude of gratitude in spite of all of the negativifity around us. Experts say that cultivating gratitude helps us to focus on the good things in our life which can help us find happiness more readily and improve our outlook on life overall. This sounds to me like a spirituality of gratitude and raises the possibility of a call to action for each of us. Durig the month of November let us reflect daily on those people, places, things and events that inspire gratitude in our hearts.

Teresa Phillips, for The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur U.S. eNewsletter | November 2022 | Vol. 13 No.9