Mary Pyper, Dayton Associate

Mary is an active volunteer in her parish, teaching summer religion and faith formation classes, and serving as the chair of the education commission. She also is President of Radio Maria USA, part of a worldwide Catholic radio network that broadcasts daily over the internet and through radio stations in Louisiana, Texas and Ohio. Programs include daily Mass, the Rosary, and a mix of devotional and spiritual segments.

An obvious question might be how she finds time to juggle all of these priorities in her life and still serve as a Notre Dame Associate. The answer is obvious: These priorities are surrounded and nourished by her commitment to Notre Dame.

Mary began to learn of St. Julie's spirituality as an alumna of Chaminade-Julienne High School, and immediately felt connected.

"I have always been interested in St. Julie's life in her joy and belief in God's goodness. The Sisters helped me to delve deeper and to see how the gifts that God has given me are such a natural fit with St. Julie's spirituality."