Overcoming Obstacles to Feed 5000

The beginning of 2021 ushered in a continued wave of extraordinary needs exacerbated by Covid. Long lines at food pantries grew longer as food scarcity became a reality for more and more people.

The beginning of 2021 also started with a simple question. How can our Live the Good community of volunteers and Sisters respond to this need? Would it be possible for us to feed 5000 as Jesus fed 5000 with just five loaves of bread and two fish? Working together, could we mirror the miracle Jesus performed at the Sermon on the Mount? Could we rise to the challenge of feeding 5000?

Brown Bag Lunch Drive for St. Francis Seraph Ministries
Brown Bag Lunch Drive for Shelterhouse

The answer is a resounding YES. Together, we sent 5,635 brown bag lunches to St. Francis Seraph Ministries and Shelterhouse.

We all face challenges in our personal lives and collectively. It’s always been this way. It was for St. Julie who endured poor health, betrayal of trusted friends, and an army of French Revolutionaries who sought to kill her. Our Sisters working in forgotten parts of the world overcome the obstacles of violence, poverty, and oppression as they serve very vulnerable populations every day. Obstacles are a part of life. The Sisters are teaching us to overcome them with faith and by working together.

Want to join a growing community of volunteers and Sisters who make God’s goodness known? Join us for our next volunteer opportunity on October 9 at Tikkun Farm. You can find more details HERE.

Be Well. Do Good.

Holly Schlaack
Director of Volunteer Engagement