Saying YES!

Recently, I joined the Sisters in celebrating the Feast of Annunciation with Mass. What a gift it was to sit among women who have devoted their entire lives to teaching and serving the poorest of the poor across the globe.

Just as Mary said YES to the angel Gabriel, the Sisters say YES every day to making God’s goodness known in big and small ways, wherever they go. Perhaps it led them to places they never imagined. I’m pretty sure not every YES was easy. Some were probably downright hard, or seemingly impossible. They said YES anyway, transforming lives and, in the process, our world.

In reflection, Sr. Kathy Harmon invited us to consider what God is calling us to be or do now. What or where might God be asking for your YES? Maybe it’s as simple as saying YES to being kind when it is not easy. Maybe it’s a YES to sharing what we have or to doing our small part to take care of our Earth. Maybe God is just calling us to spend time in prayer, to be in relationship, to spend time with God. Would our YES transform the world? Probably, more than we think.

Many have said YES to joining Live The Good Opportunities recently held at Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub, Imago, and the Welcome Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Every time I leave a Live The Good, I feel like the world is a smaller, friendlier place. I don’t think I’m the only one.

Saying YES to joining us for our next Live The Good Opportunity is a wonderful way to experience the joy of service and the growing sense of community rooted in the mission spirituality of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Our next Opportunity is at Mission of Mary in Dayton, Ohio on May 7. Stay tuned for an email with more details and registration.

Be well. Do good.

Holly Schlaack
Director of Volunteer Engagement