God loves a simple heart, which does its best. –St. Julie

Simplicity. What a welcome word, especially right now when the world feels so very complicated.

I like to think St. Julie embraced simplicity as a way through the French Revolution, her own troubled time in history. Despite great upheaval, violence and personal suffering, St. Julie remained committed to making God’s goodness known. AND, unbelievably, she is known as the smiling saint! Can you believe that?! Smiling! I don’t know about you all, but I haven’t seen much smiling going on these days.

I did, however, see lots of smiling at our recent Live the Good Volunteer Experience. In the spirit of St. Julie and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, we made God’s goodness known on a crisp, sunny morning while clearing trails and overgrown brush at Caldwell Preserve. With kids as young as 10 to Sr. Karen Poziak who is celebrating her 60th jubilee this year, we each did our own small part to Live the Good.

I’m convinced that little things are the big things. One by one, each small act of making God’s goodness known moves the world forward in positive, powerful ways. I think that’s what our Smiling Saint believed, and what she did each day while facing tremendous challenges and suffering.

I hope you will join us for our next Live the Good. Come and experience the joy that comes from living out the SND mission with others who have found that faith in action helps counteract the effects of the difficult times we are facing collectively.

Until then, what will you do to find a way to smile? How can you make God’s goodness known today?

Holly Schlaack
Director, Volunteer Engagement