Thank you!

These are exciting times! Thanks to the involvement of a growing community of Live the Good Volunteers, our contributions to various non-profits around Cincinnati skyrocketed in 2021. Take a look at the numbers below.



5 Opportunities

79 Volunteers Engaged

12 Repeat Volunteers

186.5 Hours Donated

$4,587.90 In-Kind Donation*

6 Opportunities

192 Volunteers Engaged

79 Repeat Volunteers

402 Hours Donated

$11,472.08 In-Kind Donation*

*According to Independent Sector, the cost of each volunteer hour is estimated to be $28.54.

If you participated in a LTG in 2021, you know just how inspiring it is to not only volunteer, but to join the Sisters in prayer, reflection, and discussion.

If you have not yet participated in a LTG before, please join us! You will be warmly welcomed, experience the beauty of prayer led by a Sister, and do your small part to make a big impact. We’ll finish up with delightful reflection and, and of course, chocolate chip cookies which appear to be a fan favorite.


Be well. Do good.


Holly Schlaack
Director of Volunteer Engagement