"God loves a simple heart which does its best." – St. Julie*

There’s something about simplicity that calms an anxious heart and whispers peace in our hurting world. Knowing God loves a simple heart frees us to approach every day trusting that each thing we do with love, no matter how small, is of value. We don’t have to fix the world or save the day. We just have to do simple things with love.

Like make a sandwich. Pack a lunch. Fill the ache of a hungry belly. It won’t weed out the root causes of poverty, but it nourishes a body for a bit. Hungry people need to eat. Today.

Please consider joining Live the Good Volunteers in packing and delivering brown bag lunches benefitting St. Francis Seraph Ministries in downtown, Cincinnati. Our goal is to deliver 1000 lunches between February 22 and March 5. If you’ve already registered, thank you! If not, you can register HERE.

Then, on March 10, we invite you to join us in a Zoom discussion led by Sisters Therese Delgenio and Marietta Fritz. We’ll be discussing poverty and reflecting on the Gospel message of scarcity, abundance, and trust.

Whatever you do today and every day, know God loves a simple heart which does its best.

Holly Schlaack
Director, Volunteer Engagement