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What’s the Opportunity?

This has been the prevailing question throughout 2020. When the ground fell out from under us, we looked around in shock and dismay and wondered what to do. About our Cincinnati Partners In Action (PIA) event. About scheduled Live the Good Events. We wondered how to help our Sisters isolated in the Health Center and those suffering from the effects of COVID here at home and abroad.

When the dust began to settle (before it blew up again), we stood together with faith and determination and trust in God. We asked ourselves and each other, “what’s the opportunity?” Viewing new obstacles in this light helped us move forward when we wanted to stop.

We moved PIA online. We scheduled Live the Good Events outdoors with safety measures. Volunteers made masks and wrote letters of encouragement to the Sisters. Our Sisters prayed unceasingly as Sisters have done for over two-hundred-years.

We moved forward separately—but always together. In faith. In hope. In love. Trusting in God’s presence and infinite goodness, our Sisters, staff, volunteers and donors seized the opportunity to give what they had to offer. As a community, we are better because of it.

As we enter 2021 and move closer to putting COVID in the past, you will find more opportunities to volunteer with the Sisters and others at Live the Good Events. We hope you will join us as we work together to make God’s goodness known. Stay tuned for a calendar of events.

“I beg of you, take care of yourself for the love of the good God, my friend, as much as you can.”

St. Julie Billiart

It’s been a rough year. At times, faith falters, hope dwindles, and a sense of isolation sets in. None of us are immune to the occasional COVID meltdown. If you find yourself among the more than one-third of Americans who are reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression, please check out the many resources offered by Cincinnati COVID Worker Support Network . This is a self-organized network of volunteer mental health providers, other health professionals, stress-management teachers, life coaches, spiritual care providers, healers, community-builders, and other caregivers who have stepped up to foster resilience. You can learn more about their free services, including counseling, and find an extensive list of resources here.

Be well. Do good.

Holly Schlaack
Director, Volunteer Engagement