Sisters of Notre Dame

Our Lady of the Window Society Mass and Luncheon

Our Lady of the Window Society
Sunday, April 7, 2019
Mass 11:00 AM • Lunch 12:15 PM

European Crystal Banquet & Conference Center
519 West Algonquin Road • Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Class of 1969 and first-time attendees to be inducted

Classes of 1941-1968 will be honored


The Our Lady of the Window Society, named after the school’s iconic stained glass window, celebrates and honors Notre Dame High School students who graduated at least 50 years ago. Society members are invited to attend the Mass and Luncheon each spring to reunite and reconnect with classmates, teachers and Sisters.

This year, we will induct the Class of 1969. Inductees in attendance will receive a special medallion to commemorate the event. We hope to see you there!

Questions? Please contact Julie Glassmeyer at 513-679-8112 or email [email protected] RSVP ONLINE NOW

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Graduates Registered to Attend: *This will be updated weekly

Grace Siggeman Peterson '41
Dolores Burke Schoewe '44
Mary Ann Moyer Griffin ‘49
Audrienne Michalik Malek '49
Elaine Ignatius Tremko '49

Gertrude O'Reilly '50
Mary O'Malley Nielsen '51
Rose Gulik Adams '52
Barbara Madura Dineen '52
Franceen Campbell Kengott '52
Violet Mandile Schneider '52
Vivian Benedetti Bedard '53
Ruth Nilles Petrucci ‘53
Sister Mary Lou Stoffel '53
Noreen Alice Gallivan '54
Mary Miller Spielman '54
Angela Pierri Thennisch '54
Sister Lea Cozzini '55
Corrinne Marek Keefe '55
Mary Stone Lippa '55
Katherine Brennan Bartolone '57
Helene Vallone Bonacci '57
Sister Ann Fanella '57
Geraldine Andriacchi Mack '57
Marilyn Schafer Malinowski '57
Susan Miller '57
Jeanne  Fontana Ferrini '58
Rita Cozzini Rattin '58
Linda Gregory Boyd '59
Sara Vitello Carrao '59
Joyce Papke Kotarek '59
Patricia Smith Losasso '59
Arlene Petrucci Santelli '59

Donna  Suerth  Blackaller '60
Inez Kaufmann Keller '60
Joan McIntyre  McConville '60
Frances Miller Myzia '60
Joanne Schumacher Smith '60
Margaret Mack Verbeke '60
Kathleen O'Regan Lipinski '61
Judith Larson Steffens '61
Donna Orlando Battaglia '62
Dolores Cummuta Conroy '62
Ruth Sherman Hauswirth '62
Patricia K. Rotchford ‘63
Janice Knorst  Shrader '64 
Judith Cabay Balaskovits '65
Kathleen Psolka Bandolik '65
Ellen Norbey Finegan '65
Diane Hudyka '65
Patricia Post Lowry '65
Diane Molinari Migala '65
Linda Loda Brodzik '66
Margaret Miller Eugene '66
Christine Pasminski Grzetic '66
Angela Imbrogno '66
Barbara Hepperle Keane '66
JoAnne Muscarella O’Donnell ‘66
Victoria Luksa Busse '67
Lauretta Tribuani Cohen ‘67
Mary Alice Cargill Gragido '67
Maureen Barry ‘68
Lynda Christy Christy '68
Carol Gorlewski Metzke '68
Teresa Polston Micek '68
Veronica Drogosz Van Buren '68
Luciann Capron Aguilari '69
JoAnn Sullivan Anderson '69
Catherine Delporte Benedyk '69
Eileen Murphy Brennan '69
Carole Castans '69
Peggy Chambers '69
Suzanne Damko Cosgrove '69
Nancie  Sosnowski Chuchel '69
Jacqueline Sarter Dubiel '69
Maureen Jameson Ebert '69
Mary Lou Capron Fazzio '69
Mary Jo Zurawski Field ‘69
Janet  Miller Hernandez '69
Mary Beth Franklin Ibarra '69
Patricia Nowak Izban ‘69
Karen Dean Johnson '69
Deborah Bennett Kafka '69
Karen Szatkowski Khurana '69
Karen Kozlow '69
Christine Manski Llewellyn '69
Laurette Hepperle Lupo '69
Mary Mannion Munroe '69
Audrey Tyrcha  Nosal '69
Nadine Alverson Portner '69
Rosanne Platt Resteghene '69
Ann Zeller Schmidt '69
Julie Wiedlin Sklom '69
Joan Neudorf Solari '69
Linda Tribuani ‘69
Karen Losacco Tryblowski '69
Barbara Snigoski Winckler '69
Eleanore Palczewski Wojewoda '69
Linda Gembala Wuerffel '69
Mary Ann Ingallinera Wydra '69

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