If you graduated from Notre Dame High School from 1971 through 1993, you also took Government. And if you took Government, odds are you took it from Sister Louanna.

And she remembers you. Your name is in her ledger, where she pauses, and where she prays for you.




Sister Louanna is every bit Chicago.

She graduated from Notre Dame High School, grew up in St. William’s Parish, can quote you White Sox stats better than a South Side bookie.

Sister Louanna, also, was born just eight years after women received the right to vote. Her mother could not vote. Many of those she loved dearly could not vote.

It’s why some of you, at her insistence, registered to vote while standing in her classroom.


Sister Louanna, today, is retired. Her younger Sisters do their very best to provide for her needs and for the needs of the one hundred older Sisters living with her, many of whom also taught in Chicago.

Sometimes these needs are modest, sometimes extensive to the point of twenty-four hour skilled nursing.  In the latter case especially, the cost outstrips what we can afford.


Every day, the average cost of skilled care for a Sister exceeds what we receive from Medicaid
by $90 .

This is every day - for every Sister!





Some of this difference we are paying ourselves. We hold all possessions in common, so the salaries of those of us in the workforce belong as well to the Sisters who are retired. We also have limited investments.

But the bulk of what we need to bridge the gap for the care of our retired Sisters – it comes from you.


A gift from you will ensure the quality of life for all of our retired Sisters, including Sister Louanna. It will allow them to remain on our convent grounds, where they first professed their vows; it will allow them to attend Mass every morning and prayers every evening; it will allow them to participate in the community life of our Congregation.

In this time of Lent, a time of preparation, please consider sending a gift to help the retired Sisters who prepared you during your high school years.  Nearly all of our retired Sisters are teachers. They, like Sister Louanna, put their students at the center of their lives. They did this in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Arizona, and yes, in Chicago. Yet they receive no support from any diocese or archdiocese. They need you now.  Will you help?