Help Protect the Amazon

Eight years ago, Sr. Dorothy Stang gave her life trying to protect the Amazon rainforest and the families who live there. Today Sisters, Associates, friends and co-workers of Notre Dame remember her life and death and look for ways to honor her courageous life and continue her work.

Two ways to honor Dorothy and help protect the Amazon:

  1. Oppose the building of the Belo Monte Dam along the Xingu River in the Amazon. Sign this petition to oppose the building of the Belo Monte Dam.
  2. Oppose the bill that would weaken forest protections for the Amazon.  Sign this petition to encourage Brazilian President Rousseff to veto the bill weakening protection of the Amazon. 

First, the dam…if built, the Belo Monte Dam would devastate a large area of forest and harm fish stocks upon which thousands of indigenous people in the area depend for their survival. It would also expose them to life-threatening diseases. Environmentally the project would be disastrous for the world.

Sadly, the environmental agency IBAMA issued a partial installation license giving permission to allow the initial stages of dam construction, including the clearing of vast areas of forest even though this action involves numerous human rights and environmental violations and great opposition from the local population.

The Indians have held large-scale protests against the dam as have others in Brazil and now within the international community. Widespread public opposition to the project has been voiced over the past weekend with demonstrations in major cities and in communications to the Brazilian embassies around the world.

Second, the bill…the Brazil Senate is about to endorse a bill that would dangerously weaken protection of the Amazon. 79% of Brazilians support a veto of the change in forest law, but we need a global cry of solidarity to send a message to the new Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, to protect the Amazon.


Let us pray and act together.