Honoring NDHS alumnae from the classes of 1941 through 1967.

With special recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the Class of 1967.

There's only one thing more heartbreaking than the face of child who can't go to school.  It's the face of her parents.


View Sister Mary Ann as she shares how Easter is the heart of a big picture. One that urges us to let go of the clutter in our life, and quietly explore the mystery of the life, death and new life of Jesus.





(Psalm 34)

“Many are the troubles of the just but out of them all, the Lord delivers.”

It would seem that following the Lord would always lead to a life of peace and harmony. The life of Jesus, however, would suggest otherwise.

Lord God, it is your heart’s desire that we become children of the Light, yet you yourself tasted the dark side of life. Give us courage to follow in your footsteps.