Throughout Africa, there is a critical lack of clean water for drinking and sanitation…almost one billion people do not have access to safe water. With the support of generous friends, our Sisters provide life-changing electricity and clean water to the people they serve.

There's only one thing more heartbreaking than the face of child who can't go to school.  It's the face of her parents.


Join Sister Mary Ann Barnhorn as she shares the gift of Notre Dame Spirituality in her monthly message.





Paul (2 Corinthians)

“We are afflicted, perplexed, driven to despair, persecuted and struck down, but not destroyed.”

Paul assures us that there is absolutely nothing that can separate us from the love of the Lord.

Lord God, yours is an everlasting love and we hold this precious treasure in earthen vessels, depending upon you to sustain us all the days of our lives.